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Warming huts offer shelter and a place to socialize while enjoying the outdoors!   They are not only available to snowmobilers...we like to share with others.
December 2012
Skitwish Warming Hut Destroyed by Fire
              It is not possible to build a temporary shelter this season.  The Coeur d'Alene
                Snowmobile Club has submitted a grant request through the Idaho Department
                of Parks and Recreation for RTP grant funding to rebuild the warming hut.
Pack it in - pack it out!


It takes time and money to maintain a warming hut...
do your part to keep it nice for everyone!




There are warming huts located in just about every county. North Idaho provides several of them throughout its counties. Warming huts provide shelter, warmth in the cold, and a place for a search and rescue central location.  We encourage you to locate the warming huts in your area.
Warming huts are not only when you are out in winter. They are available year round for all outdoor enthusiasts! But we ask that you respect the property and report any vandalism. The local area snowmobile clubs and sometimes the park departments incur all the costs of maintenance with limited resources. Without resources they could become obsolete and none of us want that outcome.

Kootenai County has 3 warming huts, maintained by the CDA Snowmobile Club:
  • Magee                                Located at the Magee Ranger Station
  • Hudlow Meadows                 Located at Hudlow Meadows
  • Skitwish                              Located at the saddle of Skitwish Peak



     Magee Warming Hut            Hudlow Warming Hut                    Skitwish Warming Hut




(Click Map to enlarge)


Warming Hut locations in North Idaho

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Idaho is the best place to find the steep and deep!